Young Chilean is lost in South Africa and his family starts campaign to find him

The young man should have taken a plane to Chile, making a stopover in Brazil. His relatives report that he never arrived at the airport. Their acquaintances are making the case known through the hashtag #FindKako.

On October 10, Slavko Andro Yaksic Besoain, known as “Kako” by his friends, was to take a plane in Johannesburg. That plane would take him to Brazil where he would make a stopover to reach his native country: Chile. But this young Chilean never arrived at the airport.

The last contact that his family had with him was on September 25 through WhatsApp. In fact, they kept in constant contact.

When losing contact with him, and after he did not arrive in the country, his family began his search. So, prior to a trip, Slavko always had contact with his family. He had never missed a flight and from the airline point out that there was no intention of changing the date either.

For some time Slavko was on the African continent, traveling as a backpacker. In conversation with the morning “Mucho Gusto”, his sister Yadranka Yaksic, noted that Slavko was completely detached from the material, walking in a very austere and mostly supported by the people who met on the road.

On that situation, the young woman stressed that her brother always told them “that it attracted attention, but in a good way, people approached him to meet him and help him”.


The last known location of Slavko was near the town of Dundee. It is a coal mining town, located in a valley of the Biggarsberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

About his appearance, at the time of his loss, it is noted that he was wearing orange hippie pants, a bowling alley with red wine, coffee and yellow stripes.

His shoes were crocs and he carried a big backpack covered with a green rain shield.

On his appearance, the young man was quite thin. He used dreadlocks on his hair, as well as a beard and mustache. Both his hair and his eyes are brown and his height is about one meter and 76 cm.

In conversation with Publimetro, Yadranka pointed out that Slavko was very healthy and that he regularly performed health exams.


Through a collaborative work, the family currently has a Google document that they update with information, which is public access.



In him they have captures of the last conversations of Kako and even a map that shows the last places in which he was. The call is to cooperate with this search.

For now, it is requested to broadcast through social networks using the hashtag #FindKako.

If you want to share the background of your search, this is the Google document .

In that document, the family states that “we have reviewed some police stations, hospitals and Christian communities in UnderBerg, Dundee and Johannesburg to focus the search force in the right places, all the validations of any institution in the following document will be useful” .

Update: last information received by the family group suggest that it is likely that he is now using short hair.

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