Wambali Mkandawire

Wambali Mkandawire

Wambali Mkandawire is a Malawian jazz musician who was born in Congo to Malawian parents from the Mlowe village in the north and then later lived in Mzuzu. His desire to become a musician was thwarted buy his grandparents simply because he was still a student. In the 1970s, Wambali later on dropped out of school to begin his journey of becoming a musician and his style of blending music has been famous as a pioneering sound in Malawian Jazz music. His Malawian grandparent introduced him to Congolese music whilst living in Malawi. He was also introduced to South African music from the South African miners who worked in mines. While in Malawi, the artist joined Pentagon, a local band in Blantyre that played western pop music where he became the lead singer of the band whose genre was characterized with rock music that was fused with traditional Malawian music but the band disbanded owing to lack of funding.

The artist has recorded and toured with South African Music group “Friends First”, and in the same year, Wambali recorded his debut album with Krakatoa Music in Cape Town which was released in Malawi. The artist has also toured the United Kingdom where he recorded his third and fourth albums in Glasgow, Scotland. His third one was released at the Greenbelt Festivals in Northampton where he performed with professional bands. Wambali lives in Mzuzu where he is setting up a mission rural center and pastoring an indigenous church. Together with his wife, they opened a publishing company, “Kajimete Arts Publishing,” to assist on promoting Malawian talent. The artist has warn the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) Award for creativity in 2002, he was nominated for the Kora Award in the Best Artiste from Southern Africa category, for his work, “Zani Muwone” and in 2003 he warn the SAMA Music Award for Best African Artiste.

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