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As a Malawian I believe that it’s best to introduce my roots and culture and begin this journey by looking at the music industry within the warm heart of Africa.

Malawi has nine tribal and linguistic groups, each possessing its own traditional dances and indigenous rhythms. “True African music all comes from a traditional dance somewhere… and Malawi has got unique dances with unique rhythms.”
Dances such as the Chewa’s masked “Gule Wamkulu” (the big dance); the Ngoni’s “Ingoma” war dance; the Beni military dance; and the healing “Vimbuza” spirit dance of the Tumbuka.

 Gule Wamkulu

Ingoma (war dance)

  Beni (millitary Dance)

“Vimbuza” spirit dance of the Tumbuka.

Well-known Malawian musician and politician Lucius Banda says what makes Malawi music so special and deserving of greater interest is the way it has absorbed other influences into its musical traditions, making them their own.

Malawian Jazz
Malawian jazz bands also became popular. In spite of the name, Malawian jazz has little in common with its American namesake. Rural musicians played acoustic instruments, often in very traditional ways. These performers include Jazz Giants, Linengwe River Band, Mulanje Mountain Band and Chimvu Jazz. By the beginning of the 1970s, electric guitars had become common and American rock and roll, soul and funk influences the music scene, resulting in a fusion called afroma. New Scene, led by Morson Phuka, was the most well-known exponent of afroma. Other name developed such as Lawi, Patience Namadingo and Faith Mussa….

Malawian hip-hop/rap
Since the days of the Real Elements, the Malawian hip-hop genre has grown. This includes Young Kay,Third Eye a.k.a. Mandela Mwanza, Phyzix, Dominant 1, Incyt, Cyclone, A.B, The Basement,Pittie boyz, The Daredevilz, jay cee, Lomwe, Saint, Rina Elle General, ProVoice, Macelba, Charisma, Stich Fray, Ace Dirty, the Legendary Barryone, Nthumwi Pixy, Biriwiri, Renegade & Pilgrim, Jay-T Pius Parsley & Unique squard international stars like Tay GrinSouth African based St Bosseratti, and Ireland based/award winning rapper Pop Dogg. Best Artiste Male 2011 and Best Song Collaboration-2011.


Malawian R&B

Malawi’s genre R& B is growing and has been made popular with artists like Maskal, and Dan Lu. There has also been other new upcoming Artists like Young Luv, Theo Thomson, martse, Kumbu,Sonye and Gwamba..

Malawian reggae

Reggae has always been popular in Malawi. Malawian reggae has become immensely popular in recent years, especially amongst the Malawian Rastafarians and along the tourist-filled lakefront. Music groups such as the Black Missionaries have become one of the most popular reggae bands in Malawi. Individual artists like Lucius Banda, and Late Evison Matafale helped to bring the Malawian music scene on the national and international scene. The reggae music of Malawian reggae artists has been music of resistance and of struggle. Many of the themes in the music center around injustice, corruption and equality for all people of Malawi.Upcoming artists in this field are Desert Eagle, ishan Capital,Sam Smack and Beanca wadada…..

In the coming weeks africa coming up will be bringing you about the developments in the music industry in Malawi and introducing you to some of the upcoming artists.

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